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Make a Feature Page

A Feature Page on the Australian Accountants Directory offers the most cost-effective way to promote your Accounting firm to customers.

Accountants can add a Feature Page to their basic listing. A Feature Page is a whole page dedicated to the Firm.

Renewal is on an annual basis.

Accountants with a Feature Page appear above other Accountants in their Location, and Areas of Accounting, immediately attracting the attention of the public and informing potential clients about their Accounting firm.

Accountants with a Feature Page can also be found by Special Qualities

Benefits of a Feature Page

  • Attracts potential clients
  • Greater Prominence on the Directory
  • Find an Accounting firm by Qualities
  • Improves the ranking of your own website

 A Feature Page includes

  • Full description of your Accounting firm
  • Logo
  • In your Corporate Colours
  • Photo/s
  • Call to Action
  • Website Link
  • Map


To make a Feature Page, enter your personal Log-in details and follow the easy instructions.

You can update your Feature Page content at any time.


To arrange a Feature Page, contact the Australian Accountants Directory on 03 9525 7213

or Email

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